Why I choose Amazon?

By | September 3, 2016

lthough my product is selected from a number of different affiliate marketing networks, but I started with Amazon

First thing first, In the United States, Amazon has a very good reputation. Take my home as an example, roughly electrical appliances, small to toilet paper, shower milk, many are purchased at Amazon. Amazon has many advantages to buy, not only the price advantage, but also in front of the purchase to see everyone’s comments, make the best decision. In addition, Amazon has a Prime membership system, each year to Amazon

A sum of money, it will become a member of the year. Members enjoy the benefits of the most free shipping, the goods will be placed in the two working days after the date of delivery, there is no minimum amount of consumption restrictions.


Shopping in the United States, freight is often to add another; so often shopping in the Amazon family,

Prime is very cost effective. In general, the freight is to add $ 3.99. To four dollars to count,

Prime’s one year’s membership fee is $ 75, which is equivalent to buying it as long as it is not available. Our home is to join Amazon Prime, or usually buy things to conspire to a certain amount of free, and the delivery time may be up to one to two weeks.


Due to the particularity of Prime, many Prime members are very “active” in Amazon to buy things, anyway, regardless of the amount of goods are free shipping. How popular is Amazon in the end? How many things are there to sell? The following data for your reference:


 Amazon daily singles: 250,000 to 300,000 transactions

Amazon per single amount: US $ 165 to 186 or so

Amazon annual net profit: $ 16 billion to $ 18 billion


The reasons why I didn’t choose digital products to promote.


I personally like to sell real products, and do not like to sell e-books, software, so I am not very willing to promote ClickBank or e-junkie products, unless I really understand these products, and these products can bring great value. why? This is human nature, most people like to see, touch the product, that this is more practical, valuable. Another point is: how much money do you spend on digital products over the past year with conscience and memory? How often do you buy something? In contrast, buy physical products is not more frequent, and your heart without any conflict?


I am not saying that ClickBank products are not worth selling, can not make money; conversely, ClickBank

Such as the sale of digital products, because the commission up to 75%, many people really earn a lot in the above. But for me personally, prefer to the larger masses, and do not like to promote products that rarely use in daily life ,so I choosed Amazon.

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