What is Amazon Associates?

By | September 8, 2016

If you want to earn money from Amazon, first join Amazon Associates, which is Amazon’s exclusive affiliate marketing platform. What is affiliate marketing? This is a network-based marketing model that provides rewards to publishers who reward visitors to bring their visitors to the corporate website and consume them. “someone said:

“This is a change in your life and let you start making money.” Affiliate marketing is willing to learn, willing to pay people, get unlimited possible to achieve wealth of freedom.Through the introduction of the reader to a specific site to obtain the commission. “This I personally Very much agree, because this way of making money has begun to change my life, so I have extra passive income. Affiliate marketing in the United States has been doing years, Amazon launched the league marketing also has more than ten years of history, other companies also have marketing, this part

I think the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can sell things, but you do not need to have your own office, logistics and so on. You are the owner of your own business, what kind of product you are primarily marketing. In addition, you are not limited to selling only one product, you can join a number of alliances, selling large companies products. If the product is good, the company is big, in fact, you do not want to sell, but only to guide the company’s website only. If a successful guide (and sometimes the reader is required to buy), you can get a certain percentage of the commission.

You can lead the guests to the company’s website (and sometimes the reader needs to buy), you can get a commission. Before you have to join the affiliate network and apply for each company’s program, and so the company approves your application, you can put a specific link to the page on your website, facebook,

twitter or other social media, earn a commission. Of course, these actions are in the affiliate marketing network.

Everything has a record, you don’t need to worry about it.

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