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By | October 8, 2016

First of all to talk about the way Amazon calculated commissions, which relates to how you choose goods. Amazon

The way to calculate the commission is very special, is calculated by the number of transactions. If you only sell six pens a month, you will only get a 4% commission. 7-30 pen can get 6%, more than 31 pen will jump to 6.5%

The. If the amount of an item is $ 15 dollars, then sell 30 pen is 450, that 6% will be about 27 US dollars. If you sell more, the amount of turnover is fifteen, then the total turnover is

465, but your commission will become 465 * 6.5%, 30.225.

Based on my own experience with the niche market I picked, the price of a thing mostly at $ 100 left

right. 4% of the commission to calculate, sell a $ 4 yuan, if only to sell 3 pen, the amount of turnover has been 300, you can get the commission there are 12 yuan, and to the gift card minimum payment standards. If you sell more, the commission will be more impressive.

How is it a deal? This is a very good question. If the user clicks on your link,

Within 24 hours, if he did not click on any other referrals and buy any production on Amazon

You can get a commission. Here are the key words to note: 24 hours with “any product”. This is the reason why the click rate is very important. If your readers click on your link, even if he did not buy your recommended product, and buy other products, you can still get the commission. But we certainly want users to buy your recommended products, plus other products, so you can buy his purchase of all products commission.

Because of the characteristics of this affiliate marketing, the quality of the commentary article directly affects the clickthrough rate, and the click rate will affect how many commissions you will have. After the teaching will also repeatedly emphasize the quality of the article, because it is the key to your income.

As a result of this calculation of the commission, the initial selection of products as far as possible in more than 100 US dollars, even in the

$ 150 or more, even if the order is small, you can get a certain commission. As you sell more productive

You can choose the market you are more familiar with and set the standard for your choice of products.

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