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By | November 9, 2016

This strategy is about creating a site around a kind of product and creating such an abundance of info on your website that the visitors feel confident about any decision they create.

The toughest part is picking the subject for the site. Could it be espresso machines, vacuums, elliptical exercise machines? Even today – excited when you are by the possibilities of earning money – you may be thinking you couldn’t inside a million years talk about vacuums for over a couple of hrs before attempting to pull hair out.


Fortunately, there are so many different kinds of products that lend themselves well to a product review site that you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that is interesting to you.


In fact, the more interesting the product is to you, the more likely you are to stick with the site past all of the ups and down that come with launching a website. The first few months might be a test of patience but if you can get through that phase, you’ll find things become much easier.

Everything begins with locating a product which to concentrate Body, beginning niche. Prior to choosing, though, I really want you to first think of a quantity of possible niches.

Why? Because not every niche ideas are produced equal. Many are far more competitive than the others and when you’re considering a very competitive niche you might put lots of work to your site without any return in your time.

Instead of making you shuttle picking out ideas after which finding they won’t assist you to earn anything, I’d rather you have ample suggestions to research first. You’ll come with an simpler time finding a great niche should you first think of a listing of options.

I additionally would like you to achieve the best possibility of locating a subject for the site that’ll be probably the most fun that you should use. Nobody stated you couldn’t have some fun while carrying this out, right? So, you’ll build a summary of niche ideas first after which get rid of the chaff (the not too plans) later.

If you are worried that you simply can’t develop one idea, significantly less a lot of them – don’t panic.

Following are three different ways will develop niche ideas. Play one, two or the 3 to develop a list with a minimum of twenty product niche ideas.

Niche Idea Method #1 – Go With What You Know

Focusing on products related to your own hobbies and interests is a great way to get a jump on a niche AND to find a niche you’ll want to stick with.


Set a timer, say 30 minutes, and just start writing (or typing) the words that come to mind for each of the following questions. The words that come to mind might be the name of a hobby, an activity, or a type of product. The more you come up with, the more you’ll have to work with in coming up with product niche ideas.

  1.  What do you like to read about?
  2. What subjects do you study on your own?
  3. Do you take any classes just because you want to learn something new? If so, what were those classes about?
  4. What are your hobbies? Sports, reading, games, crafts – these all make good sources for product ideas.
  5. What do you do in your spare time? And, for those of you who have really hectic lives – what would you do in your spare time if you actually HAD spare time?
  6. What did you buy in the past year that cost over $100?
  7. What would you buy if someone handed you $1000 in cash and told you to buy something fun?
  8. If you had a spare few hundred dollars what would you buy for your house that would make your life easier?
  9. What are the subjects of the magazines you receive or purchase regularly?

Next, take the list of words and phrases generated by answering the questions and run each of them through a Google query to find related products in Amazon. The products you find with this query are the ones you will put on your final list as possible niche ideas.


This query (a search string) in Google will pull product ideas out of Amazon based on your interests:

“(30..500 customer reviews)” yourword $100..30000″

Replace ‘YOURWORD’ with the first word or phrase from your brainstorming list, put the search string in Google, and hit Search.

The query will generate a list of products that:

  • are on Amazon
  • have 30-500 consumer reviews
  • mention your interest, hobby, or product
  • are priced between $100 and $30,000

Even simple words like “table” or “chair” return great ideas for review sites.

Browse through several pages of results. Continue the exercise, going through the rest of your brainstorm topics, until you have at least 20 product ideas.




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