Niche Idea Method #2 – Put Google to Work for You

By | November 21, 2016

Use Google to locate niche ideas having a special search query. It’s like getting an extra brain fully loaded and able to go!

Type the next into Google:

which * must i buy

The * (asterisk) symbol functions like a wildcard in the search engines searches.

Google will return all sorts of results where that phrase has been utilized but it’ll complete the asterisk using the actual item everyone was researching.

The outcomes are clues about items that people research before they’re buying and individuals are the sorts of products in which a review website can provide visitors an invaluable service.

Notice the way i got lots of camera related titles within the results above? If you notice an item overwhelm your research results, make use of a “-“ (minus) register your query before any words you need to exclude.

To eliminate cameras from the search results, I add “-camera” to the query:

Keep using the minus sign to eliminate high-level product categories that don’t interest you or just page through the results looking for ideas.

You can also use the following search queries:

  • Can’t decide which * to buy
  • Should I buy * or *
  • Which * is best for *

Add new ideas to your spreadsheet as you find them. When you see a product that looks interesting, add the name for the general product niche to your growing list of niche ideas. We’re going to carry all of those ideas forward for evaluation.


Another way of finding product ideas is a single article Amazon . or and study through their category listings, drilling lower to locate items that appeal to you. If you discover any products you would like to create about, add individuals suggestions to your spreadsheet.

Add any cool product suggestions to your spreadsheet.

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