Filtering Your Niche Ideas

By | December 5, 2016

Its not all niche may have enough interest, enough products, or enough online material to provide you with something meaty to utilize which strategy is about using a niche that includes a lot to create about and lots of products to select from.

During these next couple of steps you’re likely to do your homework on every product idea to be able to remove those that may not work nicely and concentrate on the ones that present the very best chance for brief and lengthy term success.

It’s important you select items that sell well online, have plenty of choices, and therefore are complex enough that potential customers search for reviews before choosing.

The following criteria should assist you in finding these products which are ideal to some review website. You’ll do recommended that you find something which meets All of the criteria.

Search Volume Criteria

Your site’s primary keyword will probably be “[niche product] reviews”. For that waterproof music player niche idea on my small list, my primary primary keyword could be “waterproof music player reviews”.

You have to look into the amount of searches for every niche idea to be able to gauge the general curiosity about the niche. Should you produce a site in regards to a subject that will get hardly any amount of searches, you’ll have really low traffic and, therefore, low sales.

To check search volume:

  1. Convert each of the niche ideas on your list to their “reviews” format
  • Make the niche idea singular (not plural) – for example,

“waterproof mp3 players” becomes “waterproof mp3 player”

  • Add the word “reviews” to the end of your niche idea – for example, “waterproof mp3 player” becomes “waterproof mp3 player reviews”
  1. Log into Google Adwords(an account is free so register for one if you haven’t already)
  2. Bring up the Google Keyword Planner by clicking on the Tools tab and selecting Keyword Planner from the drop down list
  3. Click on the “Get search volume data and trends” option
  4. Enter all your “reviews” keywords in the box
    • Note that I have set targeting to “All locations” instead of the United States.
    • Click on the “Get search volume” button

    The reason for this is that you are going to get searches for many other related phrases and it’s too time-consuming to look up all those related phrases. We’re only making sure there’s a general interest for reviews in the niche.

    When the results come up, you’ll see all of your entered keywords along with columns of information about each phrase. Look at the

  5. “Avg. monthly searches” column. Any keyword that has at least 500 searches in that column is a keeper. Cross off all others on your spreadsheet.

Why Exact Match Global? This can be a question which comes up frequently after i point out that I personally use this specific amount of searches within my analysis.

All you want to identify is the fact that there’s sufficient curiosity about reviews within the niche the site is definitely worth your time and effort. Searching in the exact match global volume is a great replacement for figuring out the minimum interest level.

Eventually, the website should rank well for variations from the primary keyword in addition to related, lengthy tail keywords within the niche but researching the entire potential amount of searches could be very time-consuming. While using exact match global amount of searches the least 500 works acceptable for identifying niches that may earn thousands of visitors per month.

With this point you ought to have produced a summary of 20 niche ideas, run them with the Google Keyword Planner and you’ve got weeded out any ideas which had less than 500 searches per month for that “reviews” keyword for your niche. Should you not have a minimum of 5 surviving tips on your spreadsheet

(a minimum of 5 “reviews” keywords with a minimum of 500 searches per month) return with the niche idea techniques to find more.

It can be considered a discomfort to operate with these steps but wouldn’t you rather take some time how to make certain you’re entering a lucrative niche rather than invest your time and effort into building something which won’t generate enough traffic or sales?

Amazon Product Criteria

We can gather a lot of information from Amazon that will tell us how well a niche might perform. This includes:

  • Average price of product options in the niche – tells us the average commission we might earn for a sale
  • Average number of reviews for product options in the niche – tells us how likely people are to buy the products online vs preferring to buy them in person at a local retailer
  • Number of product options available in the niche – tells us whether or not we’ll have a lot to write about on our site

Average Product Price

If you’ve spent any time reading up on physical product review sites, you’ve come across discussions about whether or not you should target products over $100 or under.

Some people recommend that you target products over a certain dollar amount – like $100 – because you’ll make a higher commission per sale.


Others suggest you target low dollar items in order to sell more quantity and jump to the higher commission rates on Amazon.


Which strategy is right?


They’re both right.

The more items you sell, the better chance you have of getting a higher commission percentage since Amazon pays on a tiered chart.

However, if this is your first Amazon product review site, I would suggest you start by targeting products that cost over $100 for two reasons:

  • When you make your first sale, it’ll be much more exciting to see your commission of $4 (4% of $100) than to see a first commission of $0.40 (4% of $10).
  • People don’t spend much time researching reviews on low ticket items and since this strategy is all about REVIEW sites, you might have more related traffic to work with by targeting higher ticket items.

This doesn’t mean that every product in the niche has to cost more than $100; it just means that the average price should be higher than $100.


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