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By | January 21, 2017

The quantity of reviews products dress in Amazon . com is definitely an indicator of methods comfortable individuals are buying individuals products online.

Products having a low quantity of reviews might be purchased personally more frequently compared to what they are ordered online. Low review counts can also be an indication that there’s much less curiosity about they as there’s for another thing.

Consider the top nine products the thing is on Amazon . com for every niche idea and estimate or calculate the typical quantity of reviews for individuals products.

Note the typical quantity of reviews in your spreadsheet.

umber of Product Options

Some product niches have a very limited selection of choices. For example, cat collar cameras have only a handful of options on Amazon. If you try to build a review site about a niche that has such a limited selection, you will very quickly run out of things to write about.

Look at the number of choices available on Amazon for each niche idea on your list.

If a niche has more than 20 options available in Amazon, put a “Yes” in that column on your spreadsheet. If there are fewer than 20 items from which to choose then put a “No” on your spreadsheet.

Note on your spreadsheet whether or not there are more than 20 products to pick from in your niche.

Mix Them Off

Feel the Amazon . com info on your spreadsheet and mix off any niche ideas that do not satisfy the Amazon . com criteria:

1.If you’ve made the decision to begin with a website targeting products over $100, mix off any niche ideas by having an average cost less than $100. If you’ve made the decision to begin with a website targeting item under $100, mix off any niche ideas by having an average cost greater than $100.

2.Mix off any niche ideas in which the average quantity of reviews for that top nine products is under 30.

3.Mix off any niche ideas which have less than 20 different products to choose from.

Complex Products

You will have a a lot more to produce about in case your technique is “complex” – meaning it’s controls, buttons, knobs, computerized parts, and accessories. Compare the complexness from the dresser plus a saw. There are only a many things you’ll be able to say of a dresser whereas there is a load of features, specs, and accessories to discuss when reviewing a saw.

Mention the most effective ten bestsellers for each niche idea still inside your list and look for the item images. Exist buttons, knobs, screens, options, complicated features, motors, or operating panels? Exist variations between brands which will ensure it is difficult to find out which anyone to buy without some guidance?

Some products appear like are put but miss this final requirement. You’ll be able to describe physical products in a couple of ways:

– Products which use based on performance. Air compressors and vacuums are purchased for the way they perform. Looks rarely matter.

Products that people buy based on appearance. Decorative pictures, plates, and furniture are often purchased based on how they look.

Products that are purchased based on performance make the best kinds of products for review sites.

You’ve now completed the niche analysis using the Amazon data. It’s time to move on to checking the competition in Google for each remaining idea on your list!

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