Check Competition for Your Main Keyword

By | February 5, 2017

Your review site’s primary keyword will probably be “[product niche] reviews”. It doesn’t have any simpler than that. If your internet site is about vacuums, you need to eventually rank well for the saying “vacuum cleaner reviews”. If your internet site is about home air cleaners, you ultimately wish to rank well for “air purifier reviews”.

It could appear like you’re restricting your choices but actually the posts you develop is going to be targeting plenty of related phrases as well as your webpage will ultimately rank for various phrases apart from that primary keyword.

Combined, your articles is going to be targeting Plenty of keywords with time. To begin with, though, you want to understand how strong your competition is perfect for our just our primary keyword.

Since our objective would be to achieve #one in Google for the selected keyword, we have to know who’s already on page one. Individuals sites is going to be our toughest competitors.

At this time, you ought to have entered off numerous your niche ideas and therefore are playing those that meet all of the criteria discussed in the last sections.

The next thing is to check on how competitive that first page of Bing is at this time before getting too heavily invested.

Some niches are highly competitive and also have plenty of strong sites already on page one of Google. Unless of course you’ve got a large amount of experience and sources available, it might take a very lengthy time for you to show up enough to obtain traffic making sales.

Who is the competition? It’s individuals pages already located on page one of Google for just about any keyword that you wish to rank. It isn’t the amount of pages on the web which have your phrase within the title, it isn’t the amount of competition showing around the Google Keyword Tool (that’s just Adwords competition) and it is and not the websites that take presctiption page 10, 11, or 12 of Google.

The websites on page one of Google for any keyword are becoming the majority of the traffic for your keyword so this is where you need to rank. You shouldn’t be prepared to rank immediately however the less strong your competition, the faster you and might rank.

Formerly, I made use of a mix of the amount of low PR (page ranking) pages and occasional backlink count pages already ranking on page one of Google. Since Google stopped discussing PR (page ranking) information openly over 2 yrs ago, that approach to analyzing your competition is becoming seriously outdated.

This forced me to locate a new way of analyzing your competition. Fortunately, new measurements happen to be produced by organizations that can help us reach almost the same location that people had whenever we could check page ranking.

Regal Search engine optimization developed what exactly are known as “Citation Flow” and “Trust Flow” metrics. They are important replacements for that information we accustomed to receive from Page Ranking.

Citation Flow is really a score representing the amount of backlinks a webpage has pointing into it while Trust Flow is really a score representing the caliber of the backlinks pointing to some page.

So, we have metrics that tell us information similar to what we had with backlink counts and Page Rank – it’s just that we need to understand what CF and TF scores indicate low competition.

Here’s how I define low competition using CF and TF for review niche competition analysis:

1.The number of pages on the first page of Google with a CF score greater than 40 PLUS the number of pages on the first page of Google with a TF score greater than 40 is LESS THAN 3

2.The number of pages on the first page of Google with a CF score greater than 20 PLUS the number of pages on the first page of Google with a TF score greater than 20 is LESS THAN 10

3.The more CF 0 and TF 0 scores on the first page of Google, the better!

There are two ways to obtain the CF and TF information for the results showing on the first page of Google:

1.Market Samurai

2.Straight from the Majestic SEO site

If you don’t have Market Samurai and won’t be using it for future keyword and rankings research, you can use the Majestic SEO site for free.

Keep reading below if you’ll be using Market Samurai or jump to the free

Majestic SEO method here: Majestic SEO Method.


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