Time to Choose a Niche!

By | March 21, 2017

It’s time to pick just one of the niche ideas left on your list!

The good news is that you can’t really go wrong picking any one of the remaining ideas. If you’ve followed all the steps, then you’ve scrubbed out all the ones that might have been a waste of time and you’re left with the best possibilities.

However, there are several guidelines to follow that will help you pick the best niche for you:

  1. Be honest with yourself – do not leave “steam iron reviews” on your list if you really don’t have any interest in reading and writing about steam irons.
  1. Keywords with more search volume might have greater overall potential but usually have tougher competition. If you are a beginner affiliate marketer you might see success more quickly by going with keywords that have less search volume but weaker competition.
  1. If you have some previous experience with affiliate marketing then you can stretch the criteria a little. Perhaps there was a keyword on your list that missed the cut off by just a little. Once you have some experience under your belt you might decide to go with that niche

anyway with the knowledge that it might take longer to rank but knowing that you have the skills to write really strong reviews.

Let’s take a look at the example we’d run through above where I was left with the following three choices:

Here’s what sticks out after i see this data:

1.Water softener reviews has greater amount of searches so there is a chance of increased traffic and much more sales

2.Water softener reviews has got the toughest competition

3.Water softeners tend to be more costly, typically, so I’d make more per purchase

4.Water softeners has got the cheapest average review count from the three products and therefore people don’t purchase these online as frequently because they purchase a blow dryer or perhaps a meat slicer. I could possibly get more traffic and can I truly make more sales?

5.Hairdryers have plenty of average reviews meaning individuals are comfortable buying these web based. I’m likely will make a good quantity of sales.

6.Hairdryers possess the cheapest average cost from the three therefore the commission per purchase will probably be low.

7.Meat slicer reviews has got the cheapest amount of searches from the three.

8.Meat slicer reviews has got the weakest competition with 7 pages on page one of Google getting a CF score of and eight pages on page one of Google getting a TF score of .

Personally, I understand I’d hate to create about water softeners so I’d mix that certain from the list after i compare it to my curiosity about another two topics.

Although there’s less amount of searches for that primary keyword, I’d opt for “meat slicer reviews” because I’d choose to talk about meat slicers over hairdryers and I’d discover the weak competition to tempting to face up to.