How to write reviews?

By | June 11, 2017

As this is an evaluation site, it ought to be no real surprise the reviews are a vital element of the website content.

A lot of affiliate sites call themselves an evaluation site but offer simply a rewrite of product information available elsewhere.

It is not what we’re attempting to create here. We would like a website that can take all that information, translates it into some benefits, compares options after which helps the customer reach a choice about which product to purchase.

In The Year 2006, my hubby, children and that i moved right into a completely new home. We’d it built that was a lengthy process but so exciting because we’ve got to choose the flooring, cabinets, tile, appliances, paint colors – take your pick, we’d to create a lot of decisions.

Whenever we moved in, the builder did a stroll finished us and spoken on how to take care of the items. Even today I recall them speaking about how exactly completely new carpet is stuffed with loose fibers that may take several weeks and several weeks to get rid of so vacuuming regularly was essential.

I had been within my late 30s coupled with resided by myself since i have was 19. I’d never within my existence heard these details about new carpet. They weren’t kidding, either. The very first time I vacuumed only one floor, I needed to switch the vacuum bag – three occasions.

We understood immediately our ten year old vacuum was not going to endure. I had been dealing with vacuum bags like mad. We wanted something with increased suction, something which could handle carpeted stairs easily, something which had attachments that will achieve the fans on the much-greater ceilings, then one that wouldn’t need a fortune in vacuum bags.

A person could spend all day on Amazon comparing the different products that would fit that list of needs and still not be able to make a decision.

Retailers don’t put “if you’ve completely new carpet and want something which will maintain all individuals loose fibers then this is actually the best model you are able to buy” to their description of product. They just list the characteristics what do individuals features really mean? How good will they perform? How easy could they be to make use of?

A vacuum that is included with a removable wand and attachments to wash fans sounds great – unless of course the wand isn’t lengthy enough for any 5’ 2” person to really achieve the fans on 10 feet ceilings with no steps. This really is something I will have to know before I got myself vacuum pressure however, you won’t discover that in product descriptions on Amazon . com. Rather,

I would need to search lower the wand length and design for the attachments to make comparisons between vacuums.

This is where you come in.

Earn the sale. You need to be the person who thinks about what each feature really means, find out how well it does what it says it does, and think about the situations where that feature would work well and where it wouldn’t.

If you go to Google and start typing “vacuum cleaner with long wand” you’ll see a number of suggestions provided by Google – these are phrases other people type into Google that match what you’ve entered:


If I do a search in Google using quotes around the phrase “vacuum with the longest wand” only ONE result comes up. ONE. No other page in Google’s index has included that phrase anywhere in their content.

Seriously? Of all the vacuum sites that must exist no one has said “this is the vacuum with the longest wand”?

We already know from Google Suggest that people do look up this phrase.

It IS something of interest to consumers yet retailers and reviewers aren’t talking about it all.

I don’t care if Google Adwords shows no search volume for the phrase. I know it was an important feature for me, I know Google Suggest says others are interested, and in just talking to my neighbors – all of whom have high ceilings and fixtures – it’s an important feature to them. If it’s important to some number of consumers, it’s worth talking about in a niche review site.

Getting to this level of detail in a review will not only help you outrank the competition that has done nothing more than revise product descriptions but it will also help you rank for TONS of long-tail, related keywords that the competition has no chance to rank for because they’re not even using those kinds of words in their content.

Really digging into the product this way should result in a pretty long review and all of those extra words will help bring in more organic traffic.